3D Exterior Rendering

The visuals and aesthetics of a design speak for themselves. When you plan your project, you would expect it to be picture-perfect, just as you have envisioned. And the best way to visualize your ideas before working on turning them into reality is through detailed exterior renderings. Not only for construction purposes but also they are extremely helpful in many promotional activities regarding the property.

Exterior rendering drawings are detailed images of the project in construction or post-construction, showcasing the features in a compelling manner. Usually, these renderings are 3-dimensional, depicting the exterior visuals of property realistically.

Whether it is a residential project or a commercial project like hotels, office space, or restaurants, 3D exterior renderings can be a great driving force for the whole project. Through transforming a 2D, lifeless drawing into a dynamic and attractive 3D structure, exterior rendering can give you an upper hand while planning the build as well as highlighting your property.

Why Choose 3dFusionStudio?

  • Identifying any design flaws

    In the case of 2D drawings, the diagrams are extremely vague, and identifying any possible flaw in the design is hard. Whereas with 3D renderings, you have a more detailed, specified image of the design, which gives you a better chance at detecting the flaws and correcting them prior to construction.

  • Saving any unnecessary construction cost

    With the 3D point of view of construction, you, of course, get the facility to identify defects, which eventually gives you the chance to rectify them beforehand. Thus, you do not need any extra cost mid-construction, and the work would be efficient.

  • Ensure better customer correspondence

    The major reason why a project completion is not up to expectations is the difference between project planning and the final delivery. But with a fulfilled exterior rendering drawing, you can visualize and finalize a concept which your architect or you as an architect can deliver flawlessly.

  • Higher market value

    When you want to attract a potential client, the best way is through displaying your skills through an attractive 3D render. Even when you want to sell a property, an attractive, 3D exterior render will give your potential buyers a better insight into the project, increasing their chances of purchase.

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